MIL-D-CON stands as the pinnacle of sci-fi and comic extravagance, an eagerly anticipated annual spectacle hosted at RAF Mildenhall by the 100th Force Support Squadron. Tasked with the responsibility of crafting the visual identity, we embarked on a mission to encapsulate the essence of the biggest event of the year.

This multi-award-winning event caters specifically to the RAF tri-base community's morale and interests. Each year the event promises to excel itself and bring bigger and better entertainment, as well as exclusive names to visit our servicemen and their families.
MIL-D-CON 2023
MIL-D-CON 2023 Stylescape
Large digital screen promotion image
Outdoor Banner Design
MIL-D-CON 2023 Cosplay Contest Advertisement
MIL-D-CON 2023 Design a Villain Competition Advertisement
The Battle of Square D - Comic featured inside the MIL-D-CON Guide
MIL-D-CON 2023 Guide
MIL-D-CON 2022

MIL-D-CON 2022 Stylescape

GET UP & GO! digital magazine promotional image featuring MIL-D-CON 2023
MIL-D-CON 2021

MIL-D-CON 2021 Stylescape

Air Force Marketing: MilMark 2021 Awards Submission Accompanying 30-Second Video

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